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Grant writing workshops are an effective way to ensure that your team's proposals are clear and include the information reviewers need in the order in which they expect it. 
These workshops also allow your team to leverage diverse experiences and knowledge about grant writing so that team members are learning from both an experienced instructor and from each other. 
Nevertheless, where several organizations offer more classic "sage on the stage" models of grant writing, few couple those workshops with hands-on learning and one-on-one consultations designed to help investigators apply what they learn to what they research.  

Resubmission Round Table

Encouraging resubmissions is a key element to increasing a department's funding portfolio.  For the resubmission round table, we recruit investigators with unfunded NIH grant applications.  Applicants meet to review summary statements and to strategize on how to build responsive grant applications.

Specific Aims Workshop

In this workshop, participants are divided into groups of 5 faculty from across a range of disciplines.  Each month a group member will bring in an aims page, a paper pitch, or a project idea.  Dr. Mikal moderates a cross-disciplinary conversation in which fellow group members provide specific feedback related to data, methods, framing, or interpretation.

New Investigator Grant Writing Workshop

In this workshop, investigators come with a new research idea and over the course of four sessions, learn the tools and skills necessary to effectively target, summarize, frame and outline their research project.  We begin with an introduction to the NIH and funding priorities and proceed through significance, innovation and approach.

Each of these workshops is designed to be delivered in conjunction with one-on-one consultations in which members work with Dr. Mikal to apply learning and feedback in ways that are constructive, generative, and responsive.


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