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Research grants

No matter where you are in your research career, designing, writing, submitting or even resubmitting a grant proposal can be a daunting undertaking. 
Planning, communicating and executing new research ideas can be hard as you work to develop responsive research ideas that creatively extend the boundaries of your research. 
Over the past 15 years, I have developed expertise in helping researchers expand the scope of their work into new areas while highlighting the responsiveness of their new ideas to agency missions statements through work on training and research grants.

I have worked extensively with new K and R submissions and in helping researchers to design responsive revisions for NIH resubmissions.

What to expect for your research grant submissions:

Each grant review begins with a 30-minute consultation designed to get to know you and your work. 


In this meeting our objective is to better understand

  • the scope of your work

  • your audience

  • your target agency

We'll then set up a meeting schedule that fits your needs

For training of career development grants:

Training and career development grants generally include a candidate statement and training plan. 


Prior to this meeting, candidates can send a copy of their candidate statement, and I will revise with a focus on developing a clear, cohesive and linear training program that both toutes the suitability of their research training and highlights opportunities for growth within the parameters of the research project being proposed.  


Thanks! I'll be in touch soon.

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